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Your concrete floors, pool deck, or patio used to look great but now they’re cracked, pitted, and have a worn surface texture. The good news is resurfacing existing concrete is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your worn-out concrete surfaces. There’s no need to jackhammer and remove your damaged slab or concrete floor because the resurfacing material goes over the existing concrete. As one of the leading concrete resurfacing companies in Leesburg, we can give your concrete a fresh, new look with your choice of decorative finishes.



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Give Your Aging Concrete New Life

Don’t waste your time and money replacing old concrete when it can be resurfaced. With a concrete overlay or a basic resurfacing product, we can completely hide repairs and damage like cracks and pitting. We can even give your concrete a new texture and color with unlimited design options. Do you love the look of an herringbone paver driveway or stone patio? Do you want the look of wood planks in a basement with the strength of concrete? These looks and more can be achieved with stamped, stained concrete overlays over your existing concrete. Your concrete can even be repaired and covered with epoxy flooring for a finished floor system that can last decades
Decorative concrete overlays are a popular option because they’re affordable and versatile. These systems are highly resistant to stains and damage and require the same amount of maintenance as regular concrete: occasional cleaning and a protective sealer. Our concrete resurfacing contractors can help you explore your resurfacing options to give your worn concrete the facelift it deserves while meeting your needs in terms of price, maintenance, and performance.

Is Concrete Resurfacing a Good Option?

Not all concrete is a good candidate for resurfacing but the good news is most damage can be corrected with a concrete overlay or resurfacer. As a general rule, concrete with minor to moderate damage like spalling, pitting, and cracks can be completely revitalized with concrete resurfacing service.

Options for Resurfacing Existing Concrete

Did you know there are many ways to give your worn-out concrete a new look, texture, and color? We offer several resurfacing options, including commercial concrete resurfacing in Leesburg for interior and exterior concrete.

  • An epoxy concrete resurfacer is a good option to give you an interior floor that’s ultra resilient and able to perform in even demanding conditions with a highly decorative surface.
  • Concrete polishing achieves a mirror-like shine that instantly brightens any room. It can even be customized with stains and saw cutting to create sophisticated designs.
  • Concrete resurfacing products are the most economical solution. These products are similar to concrete but with special additives to bond with the existing concrete and create a new surface texture.
  • A stamped concrete overlay is a great investment for worn exterior concrete. A concrete overlay is a thin layer of new concrete that can be stamped and stained to look like other materials at a much lower cost.
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Each option comes with its own advantages. Not sure which solution is best for you? We will be happy to walk you through each option to choose the best concrete resurfacing solution for your aesthetic goals and budget.

Concrete Resurfacing Services

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Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing in Leesburg

Concrete flatwork can be expensive, especially when it comes to removing and replacing an old driveway, pool deck, or interior concrete floors. Our Leesburg concrete resurfacing contractors can give your concrete a brand-new appearance and texture without the stress and high cost. Here’s why you should consider investing in resurfacing existing concrete around your home or business.
  • Resurfacing is the economical solution.Concrete resurfacing is a low-cost alternative to extensive concrete repairs or replacement and may cost up to three times less. You can save a substantial amount of money while enjoying a concrete surface that looks as good (or better!) than new.
  • It’s faster and easier than replacing the concrete.Depending on the resurfacing option you choose, we can give you a new concrete floor or outdoor surface in just 1 to 3 days. Resurfacing products are self-leveling without extensive labor to create a level, uniform surface.
  • You can update the look of your concrete. You may want your concrete to look like it did before but we can also give you a new and decorative look. The best concrete resurfacer can customize the concrete with your choice of stains and decorative effects. With stamped, stained concrete, we can even give you the look of flagstone, pavers, slate, hardwood, and much more.
  • Resurfaced concrete lasts just as long as regular concrete.When you resurface existing concrete, you aren’t just putting a band-aid on the problem. A stamped concrete overlay can last just as long as a regular slab of concrete.
  • It boosts your curb appeal and home value. Aging concrete isn’t a good look for your home. Giving your concrete a fresh, new look can do wonders for improving your home’s curb appeal and it can even increase your home’s resale value.