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Your concrete may be drab, boring, and uninteresting, but we can change that. Graniflex is our cost effective, durable system that can bring life to your concrete floors while extending the life of your concrete. Our specialized Graniflex Coating system offers the ultimate in concrete coating, while looking great, lasting for many years to come, and protecting your floors from serious damage.


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What is Graniflex?

Graniflex is a multi layered high performance concrete coating that is crack resistant and slip resistant. Graiflex uses a primer coat as well as a liquid rubber base coat that is further layered with a decorative top coat that is infused with polymer flakes, quartz, or sand. The flexible rubber like structure penetrates the base concrete so that when moisture presses against it, it expands and swells tightly within the pores of the concrete making it impossible to chip or break off the coating.

Above the Competition

Unlike acrylic, epoxy, and other concrete coating systems, Graniflex is designed to last. Because of its state of the art, multi layered system, Graniflex never gets brittle with age. The flexible rubber like “tentacles” penetrate the pores of the concrete, anywhere from ¼” to 1 ½” such that when moisture vapor or pressure presses against them, they expand and swell tightly to make the concrete impenetrable. This protects the concrete even further from damage caused by water, chemicals, UV rays, and a variety of other concrete enemies.
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Benefits of Graniflex Coating System

Here are the reasons why you should consider Graniflex for your concrete coating needs.

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Ultimate Protection

With the proven technology of the Graniflex System, your old or new concrete floors will be ready to withstand years of typical wear and tear as well as daily UV exposure. The Graniflex system is also waterproof and will provide a lifetime of protection from the elements.

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Designer Styles

The Graniflex System uses a top layer of polymer flakes, colored quartz, sand, and/ or mica to offer endless color and design options. We keep our most popular colors and designs available to you, while also allowing you to customize your design for a one-of-a-kind look.

Highly Resistant

Highly Crack Resistant

The rubber membrane system used in the multi layered coating penetrates the surface of the concrete with tentacle-like structures, ensuring a high quality concrete coating for years to come.

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Interior or Exterior Applications

Graniflex is the perfect coating for both indoor and outdoor projects. Graniflex has beautiful applications and design options for all of your indoor flooring needs, while also being durable and long lasting for your outdoor concrete needs, making Graniflex the ultimate choice for garages, basements, driveways, pool decks, patios, and more. Graniflex also offers a slip resistant top layer to keep your family, friends, and/ or customers safe on your concrete floors.

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

Allow us to show you how to extend the life of your existing concrete, whether new or old, with the Graniflex System. Graniflex will keep your concrete looking brand new for many years to come. The Graniflex Coating is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, making upkeep a breeze.

Graniflex Coating System

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Graniflex Coating System

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FAQs Still not sure if the Graniflex Coating System is the right choice for your flooring needs?

How long does Graniflex installation take?

The Graniflex System can be installed in as little as 24 hours and can take light foot traffic in 24- 36 hours, while maintaining the highest quality bond as well as designer look.

Can I customize how my floors look with Graniflex?

You can choose from our most popular color and design options, or you can customize your own design using our multi color and material system.

How long will Graniflex last?

Our multi layered Graniflex system is the ultimate choice in concrete coatings because it will last for many years to come and lengthen the life of your existing concrete. Because of the hard top layer and the tentacle like rubber system, Graniflex adheres to your existing concrete like no other system and will keep your concrete beautiful and resistant to damage for many years to come.