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Stained Concrete

Are you looking for an interior flooring system that can impress your guests? Slate stained concrete has what you need with our stunning concrete marbling. Need an exterior floor coating that provides that durability required for constant UV and weather exposure? Well, our slate stained concrete still has all you need!

Thanks to a new process that we have mastered that we like to call concrete marbling, we can achieve beautiful concrete flooring systems that offer best in class durability while also providing a touch that will be comfortable to walk on, even in a living area. Want to know more about our amazing concrete flooring? We have all you need to know down below.


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What Is Slate Stained Concrete?

Slate stained concrete is an ultra-durable concrete flooring system made up of polymer infused concrete based material that is able to provide a finish that is going to last your home or business a lifetime. What makes this concrete based material so desireable is the wide variety of applications it can be used in ranging from:
  • Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Patios And Pool Decks
  • Living Areas
  • Commercial Facilities
This flooring system is created on-site so there is no need to pay expensive shipping fees to get the flooring system of your dreams when you choose to go with us. To add some variety to the mix, slate concrete flooring has been engineered to accept Concrete stains that can give your flooring a different texture, a wide variety of colors and even multiple hues in one finish. Now that you know what slate concrete floors are, let’s get into some of the benefits that come along with it.

Maintaining Your Slate Concrete

When it comes to the maintenance of your concrete flooring system, you should be happy to know that it is incredibly simplistic. Thanks to the waterproof, sealed and abrasion-resistant finish, there isn’t much that you will have to worry about in the long run. Ready to learn how the maintenance of your slate concrete can save you time and money? We have an outline of the maintenance routine down below:
  • In terms of long term maintenance, there isn’t much that will pose a problem. All we can say is have your seal coat replaced ever 3-5 years depending on where it is placed and the amount of traffic the flooring receives.
  • All you will need to do for daily maintenance is remove all foreign materials with a broom and mop daily or weekly depending on the traffic the floor receives.
  • Make sure to use PH neutral cleaners when mopping your flooring to prevent wearing away your sealer.
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The Benefits Of Using Slate Stained Concrete

While the appearance of our Tuscan stained slate concrete is enough for home and business owners to make the switch, let’s get into the benefits of the coating which you can find down below.

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While stamped concrete overlays are strong, our slate stained concrete takes it to the next level. Our concrete flooring system is resistant to most forms of physical damage that would otherwise destroy other flooring systems such as impacts from dropped objects, heavy foot or vehicle traffic, and even scratches/ abrasions.

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As you have seen above, slate concrete is incredibly easy to maintain but there are some more features that homeowners love to use! For example, when using slate concrete in a garage, pool deck, and some select commercial facilities, you can simply use your garden hose to wash it down when it becomes extremely soiled.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors


One of the best features of using this concrete based flooring system is that they offer one of the longest service lives out of most other traditional floor coatings. When you choose us to professionally install your concrete coating and you keep up on the maintenance end, your flooring can last a lifetime!

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A feature that has home and business owners relieved about our concrete floorings is that even though they are jam-packed full of amazing features and benefits, they have one of the lowest price tags on the market. If your concrete is in good shape and you are looking for a relatively simplistic design, our pricing points start as low as 5-6 dollars a square foot!

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Environmentally Friendly

A key feature that coincides with the eco-friendly is the incredible lifespan of concrete flooring. Because the flooring is able to last a lifetime, there are no new materials are being introduced into the ecosystem. Not to mention, the factories and labs used to create these flooring systems are doing everything it takes to reduce the carbon footprint that comes with creating materials.

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Do you want a flooring system that you can depend on day in and day out? While our slate concrete is durable and provides all the protection you need to make it through the day, the flooring system means nothing if it isn’t properly installed. If you want a flooring system that you can rely on, don’t get burned by the other guys, give us a call! We work hard to make sure our coatings are 100 percent ready for action before we leave the job site by following a strict set of rules that we follow for all of our clients, no matter how big or how small. Down below, you can see what we abide by:
  • We promise to only use the highest grade materials on all of our jobs to ensure the best possible finish.
  • While we want to say we work rain or shine, we will never install your flooring in conditions that can tarnish it in the long run
  • We offer free, no-obligation quotes to our clients so call today!
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