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Epoxy Flooring

Easy to maintain. Epoxy stops concrete dusting for good. It also creates a seamless floor system over your concrete with nowhere for dust and dirt to hide. To keep your garage looking beautiful, simply sweep and mop the floor as needed.
Endless opportunities for customization. How do you envision your garage? Do you want a single high-gloss color like candy apple red? Do you want a checkerboard pattern? What about multi-colored flecks, stripes, or swirls? If you want something truly unique, consider a metallic epoxy garage floor. Metallic epoxy can resemble colored glass, a tranquil lake of water, a lava lamp, and almost anything else.



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Garage Floor Epoxy Leesburg

Professional Garage Floor Epoxy

Many people don’t think of their garage when they consider home renovations but your garage has a lot of potential. Maybe you want a car showroom, a clean and bright place to work on hobbies, or a seamless and comfortable floor for working on your car. No matter how you envision your garage, our garage floor epoxy solutions can help. Epoxy is a cost-effective and easy way to transform a dusty and dark garage into a bright, beautiful, and colorful space.
Garage floor epoxy in Leesburg isn’t a paint: it’s made from resin mixed with hardener that cures into an ultra-hard and durable floor system. Epoxy can stop concrete dusting, dramatically brighten your garage, and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Here’s why so many homeowners in Leesburg are turning to epoxy solutions and how our garage floor epoxy contractors can give you a dream garage.

Professional Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

Our garage floor epoxy contractors have decades of combined experience working with industrial-grade epoxy. We understand that the key to beautiful, seamless results is careful preparation of your concrete slab. Unfortunately, many epoxy garage flooring installers today rush through the job, doing only the bare minimum before applying epoxy that is now bound to fail.

Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

When professionally installed, garage floor epoxy can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years without showing its age. Our contractors take pride in our attention to detail to ensure the best possible results. Our epoxy garage floor coating service always includes:

  • Moisture testing to verify you do not have moisture problems that will cause delamination.
  • Repair of spalling, cracks, and holes. Garage epoxy should never be applied over a damaged surface.
  • Profiling of the concrete with diamond grinding or shot blasting to ensure a strong bond.
  • Epoxy primer application to increase the longevity of your epoxy flooring.
  • High-quality epoxy installation with high-grade epoxy that can stand the test of time.
Epoxy garage floor
Before your garage floor epoxy is applied, we will perform a moisture test and address any damage to your concrete such as crumbling, spalling, cracks, and stains. This step is absolutely essential to ensure a strong bond between the concrete and the epoxy. This is followed by diamond grinding that profiles the concrete and opens pores in preparation for the epoxy coating. Only when your concrete slab is dry, clean, and profiled will we apply a high-quality epoxy to your garage.

Garage Epoxy Flooring Services

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Epoxy garage floor Leesburg

Why Choose Garage Floor Epoxy?

There’s a lot to love about a garage epoxy coating. An epoxy garage floor coating can transform your garage into clean, bright, and usable space that you will love to show off. Here’s why you should consider upgrading your garage with a new finished floor system.
  • Cost-effective. Garage floor epoxy in Leesburg is an affordable way to update your garage with a lower cost than most floor systems. It uses your existing concrete slab to create a finished floor with a low upfront cost, virtually no maintenance, and a long life.
  • Protects your concrete. Professional garage floor epoxy strengthens your concrete and protects it from damage, including road salt, automotive fluids, and damage from heavy objects.
  • Fast installation. Our Leesburg garage floor epoxy contractors can deliver a beautiful new garage floor in just 1 to 2 days.
  • Resists all types of damage. It’s hard to beat garage epoxy in terms of durability and performance. Epoxy garage flooring is highly resistant to stains, abrasion, impact, moisture, and much more.


Not sure if your garage is a good candidate for an epoxy garage floor coating? Curious about our installation process? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers but please reach out with additional concerns.

Q:How durable is an epoxy garage floor?

A: Garage floor epoxy in Leesburg is one of the most durable and resistant floor systems you can choose for your garage or any other space. Garage epoxy is incredibly long-lasting and hardworking. Once it’s fully cured, an epoxy coating is actually stronger than the concrete itself. It increases the weight load and tensile strength of your garage floor while resisting damage. An epoxy garage floor coating can withstand damage from heavy dropped objects, abrasion, auto fluids, road salt, water, and more.

Q: Can epoxy be applied over existing cracks?

A: No. Do not work with any epoxy garage flooring installer that says it’s fine to just apply the coating to your garage floor as-is. Epoxy applied over damaged, cracked concrete will not deliver attractive or long-lasting results. Cracks in the substrate prevent us from achieving a seamless and flawless epoxy application and the epoxy won’t bond correctly which means premature failure of your floor system. Our garage floor epoxy contractors in Leesburg always take the time to repair cracks and grind the floor prior to epoxy installation for beautiful results that last.

Q: If the epoxy cracks, can it be repaired?

A: It’s very uncommon for garage epoxy in Leesburg to crack. If your epoxy ever does crack, it’s likely caused by new cracking in the concrete that is telegraphed into the epoxy concrete coating. In most cases, epoxy cracks are hairline cracks that are difficult to even notice, especially with a decorative style of epoxy. These hairline cracks will not impact the performance of your garage floor epoxy at all. If your concrete substrate develops more serious cracks that telegraph into the epoxy, the only solution is stripping the epoxy coating and replacing it.