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Flagstone Flooring

Tailored Concrete Coatings is here to serve you in any way that we can, including the color, size, and finish of your flooring. Everything we install is handcrafted and made to last from the best performing materials on the market.
We offer a strong team built of licensed professionals dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for an entire pool deck redo, a patio update, or a beautiful walkway, stone textured troweling is what you need.
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Concrete Overlay

Grand Flagstone Pool Deck

With different colors to choose from, a Grand Flagstone pool deck that has been professionally installed creates a contrasting look between stones, giving them the most authentic and natural appearance. For natural poolside pool decking, Grand Flagstone can be added for cooling purposes, meaning, keeping your feet from burning on a hot surface, and aesthetics because our decks look like something out of this world.

Grand Flagstone Walkway

Great a textured walkway that is safe rain, snow, shine, and everything in between. Grand Flagstone walkways take you back to their very beginning in 13th century Europe. Our team here at Tailored Concrete will make sure your walkway looks delicate and glossy but is resistant to slippage and damage. For a superior look to all of the rest, our Grand Flagstone is customizable and ready for you.
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Benefits of Grand Flagstone Flooring

Stamped concrete saves you time, money, and gives you opportunities to explore your creative side.

Stamped Concrete Overlay Leesburg

The Looks

Yes! Our Grand Flagstone looks like natural authentic flagstone! Our handcrafted installations with our specific Grand Flagstone stamping techniques and our industrial materials, your floors will look and feel like the real deal.

  • Varying stone sizes
  • Possibility with fading and colors
  • Handcrafted for the natural appearance
No Slipping Here

No Slipping Here

The benefit of our company is that your floors are personally handcrafted, and we make sure that the best traction is added during the installation process. Our professionals can install surfaces that appear to be delicate and slippery; however, the opposite is true. Whether you’re installing our Grand Flagstone surfaces in your pool area, for a walkway, or an exposed patio, the rain will not make your surface a dangerous place to be!


Grand Flagstone has a long lifespan, meaning, the longer the lifespan the more the floors repay themselves. Natural stone raises the property value of a home as well and with little maintenance requirements, Grand Flagstone will be worth every penny. Our materials here at Tailored Concrete are affordable and durable, so you can expect to have what you pay for for years down the road.

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Durability Comes with It

Our Grand Flagstone is the type of surface that looks better with age! Our installation techniques do not allow for weeds and plants to grow in through side cracks or in between stones and that makes for a longer-lasting surface. With a natural appearance and aging on its side, Grand Flagstone gives a modernly classic look.

Random or Varying

Random or Varying

With a varying pattern, meaning, irregular flagstone pattern emphasizes the natural essence of the stone. This is a difficult look to accomplish for inexperienced technicians and should always be handled professionals like Tailored Concrete, to ensure proper and long-lasting surfaces. Randomly assigning rectangles creates a formal organized look that breaks up the monotony of a one-color surface.

Grand Flagstone Surface Services

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Grand Flagstone Patio

The many notable benefits of a handcrafted surface include but are never limited to the looks and feel of the surface. With a patio, whether exposed or not, our stones can create a surface that is smooth, textured, glossed, or natural. Our floors are truly working of art that takes time and persistence, and with our floors commitment to maintenance is very little yet the lifespan of these floors is very long.
Create a safe and inviting patio with our Grand Flagstone floors.
Grand Flagstone Patio

Tailored Concrete Coatings Services

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Check to see if your questions are answered below, if not, call our professionals or check our home page for more!

Can I customize the look of the stone?

Yes! Our handcrafted Grand Flagstone surfaces can be installed in varying colors and patterns to help your floors reflect who you are and what your personality wants to let through.

Where can I install Grand Flagstone?

Indoors and outdoors! It is always best to check with the individual you hire to install your surfaces; however, our stones are meant to be installed anywhere and everywhere your heart desires, like the pool deck, patio, walkway, and so much more.

What is Grand Flagstone?

Our surfaces are polymer-modified cement bases with a hand-crafted Grand Flagstone appearance applied to the surface. Our surfaces have been noted for their authenticity and incredible durability.