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When we take a look into the residential sector, we will find that a good percentage of homes are equipped with one of the most durable garage floor coatings on the market, the epoxy flake flooring. Millions of homeowners are making the leap into epoxy flake flooring for its outstanding aesthetics and the great investment factors they provide on top of the longevity and durability they can provide.
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What Is Epoxy Flake Flooring?

To understand what an epoxy flake flooring system is, we need to expand a little on what epoxy flooring in general is. Well, epoxy is made up of two key elements, the epoxy resin, and the chemical hardener. When these two materials are mixed in a bucket, a strong chemical reaction occurs, bonding the elements together. After this happens, there is a limited amount of time to work with the epoxy which is why they can be rapidly installed.
What makes the difference with epoxy flake flooring is the multi-colored or mono-colored flakes that are added into the mix. There are options in turn for what you can do with the flakes as well such as the density of the flakes.

The Installation Process Of Flaked Epoxy

The installation process of epoxy flaked flooring is o very delicate process that should only be performed by professionals or else you will run the risk of the flooring needing reapplication in as little as 6 months. To start, we clean the surface with high output pressure washers and cleaners to remove all dirt, grease, and stains on the slab. After its all clean, we begin the process of preparing the slab.
Preparing the slab is the most important process of the entire project and will determine how long the epoxy is going to last. To make sure our preparation stage is done to perfection every time, we use diamond wheel grinders to expose the pores of the concrete after we repair all cracks and gouges on the concrete slab. After a thorough inspection and another quick cleaning, we begin the installation of the epoxy coating.
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The Benefits Of Epoxy Flake Coatings

Want to know why millions of homeowners and business owners across the country are making the switch to flaked epoxy? We have outlined a few benefits to help you see why down below.

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Safety Features

A key feature that many people don’t know about epoxy flaked flooring is that it is one of the safest epoxies on the market. The flakes in the epoxy provide texture to the flooring which in term makes it safer and easier to walk on when it becomes heavily soiled.


Perhaps the most well-known benefits of epoxy is the amazing durability that they bring to the table. This is what makes epoxy such a suitable for heavy-duty applications with resistances to dropped objects, heavy foot or vehicle traffic and even resistances against scratches/abrasions to keep the flooring protected from any accident.

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Chemical Resistance

Along with resistances in place for physical damage, epoxy flooring has resistances to chemical damage as well! In terms of the chemicals that epoxies can resist, they have been formulated to resist some of the most common chemicals to be found in garages and commercial facilities like battery acid, harsh cleaners, and even gasoline.


The feature that makes epoxy flake flooring such an attractive option for residential garages and commercial facilities isn’t its finish. It’s so attractive because when we come to professionally install it and you properly maintain it, it can last anywhere from 20-30 years depending on the condition of your underlying concrete.

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Now its time to make your epoxy yours with some customization choices that arent available with other systems. As one of the top-rated epoxy flooring contractors in Leesburg, we offer the option to use multi or single-colored flakes, a wide assortment of base colors and even the option to have logos installed inside in the topcoat of the epoxy.

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Maintaining Your Flaked Epoxy Flooring

Even though the surface of flaked epoxy flooring is textured, that doesn’t make the maintenance procedure any harder. You can expect the same carefree maintenance as our other epoxy flooring systems with waxing or polishing never being a requirement. The only requirement when it comes to epoxy flake flooring is to make sure you sweep the flooring thoroughly as you need to make sure you get any hidden dirt out of the textured finish.
After the flooring has been swept, use a standard wet mop to get the flooring up to spec, you can even use a PH neutral cleaner to help lift any grime or grease from the flooring without having to do multiple passes with your mop. If you are using the epoxy in an area that can get wet like a garage, you can use your garden hose to wash down a heavily soiled flooring.
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