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Wood Flooring

When it comes to flooring, don’t trust just anyone with your floors, trust us! We have decades of experience, incredible statements, and reviews from previous clients, professional technicians, and affordable prices. Our team here in Leesburg is prepared to handle anything your floors are going to throw at us!
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Residential Wood Flooring

Residential Wood Flooring

There are no doubts that wood flooring is beautiful and creates subtle elegance anywhere it is installed; however there reasons why you would want a more updated type of flooring that still gives you the beauty and elegance of wood floors.
Rustic wood floors can be installed in basements, kitchens, living rooms, pool decks, patios, and walkways! There isn’t a reason why both indoor and outdoor surfaces can’t match or resistant different types of environments. Our installing techniques and materials are high-end incredible performing floors. Some of the residential benefits rustic wood offers that authentic wood floors can never offer are:
  • Rustic wood can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • On a patio, rustic wood floors will not be susceptible to changing weather damages
  • Pool deck rustic wood floors can match indoor floors and/or update a standard pool deck to one more chic
  • Walkways that mimic wood can be great when and if you ever want to sell your property

Commercial Wood Flooring

When it comes to your business, you want and need the best flooring available to you, luckily our team only installs the highest quality materials that will last for years in your business area. Authentic wood can offer beauty, but rustic wood can match said beauty and offer more, like safety and resistance, which is very important for areas that see changing foot-traffic and so much more. Commercial rustic wood floors are great for businesses because:
  • They can be installed with important safety qualities
  • Rustic wood floors can be installed and designed to enhance your brand and what your business stands for
  • Your customers and clients will not know the difference because rustic and real other than it will be extremely durable against breaking down
Residential Wood Flooring

Rustic Wood Flooring Benefits

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The Resistance Is Here

Rustic wood floors are here to stay regardless of what they are exposed too! This decorative flooring solution is here to offer homes and businesses its assistance in resistance:

  • Rustic wood floors do not stain or scratch
  • They will not be slipping hazards because they can be specially installed to be slip-resistant
  • Don’t worry about cracking over time, there is none of that!
Residential Wood Flooring

Cleanliness Is Nonnegotiable

No one wants dirty floors, so in homes and businesses where allergies are present and/or sterility is desired, you want rustic wood flooring:

  • Your floors will be hypoallergenic
  • No extremely scrubbing or waxing will need to take place
  • Their resistance to absorption makes it easy to wipe clean and easy to keep clean
  • Their ability to resist water ensures that mold and mildew are not possible
Low Cost for High Quality

Low-Cost for High-Quality

You shouldn’t be forced to make a hole in your bank account to install a flooring system that makes you happy and lasts for decades. So, why are rustic floors overall more affordable?

  • Because rustic floors are resistant to damage, they do not require out of pocket repairs on a regular level
  • The longevity that is associated with wood stamped floors makes it easier to avoid spending money solely on the maintenance of your floors
Low Cost for High Quality

Easy Maintenance Happy Life

Regardless of where it is installed, rustic wood floors are just cheaper, they are easier to install and much easier to manage!

  • Simple sweeping and occasional mopping will keep your floors ready for business
  • No expensive waxes or acidic cleaners are necessary
  • Quick and easy maintenance is all that you need
Low Cost

Durability and Longevity

Your floors are going to be around for years because they are extremely durable! Yes, there is a correlation with the longevity of your floors with how durable they are, and we install the best kind of floors!

  • Commercial floors will last longer because weight and impact will not break them down
  • Commercial and residential floors are long-lasting because they do not break down under constant use
  • Residential rustic wood floors are resistant to common damages caused by animals and young children

Rustic Wood Flooring Services

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Rustic Wood VS Real Wood

Real Wood:
  • Expensive to install and does not have a long lifespan without constant maintenance
  • Scratches easily
  • Creates an atmosphere of beauty and elegance
  • Smells fantastic when high-quality wood is used
  • Comes in standard wood colors
  • Will need expensive treatments to last
  • Does not do well in homes with children and animals
  • Should not be used in pool areas, patios, or outdoor walkways
  • Water and other liquids should not be spilled onto the surface
Rustic Wood:
  • Ingenuity and technology have created wood-like floors that last for decades without frequent maintenance
  • Resistant to scratching, staining, and cracking
  • Creates a beautiful space
  • Can be installed in high foot-traffic areas
  • Does not limit your design opportunities
  • Is great for homes with children and animals
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

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