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Basement Flooring

Your basement has a lot of potential but right now it’s dark, dank, and dusty. It feels like what it is: a concrete subterranean room, not real living space. An epoxy basement floor is a cost-effective yet dramatic solution that can transform your basement into a sleek and sanitary home gym, a media room, a play area for the kids, or a man cave. Our high-performance basement epoxy systems are designed to look great and last for years while resisting all types of damage.
Here’s why basement epoxy in Leesburg is such a wise investment for your basement and how well it performs.


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Basement Epoxy Leesburg

What Is Basement Epoxy?

Epoxy flooring is an attractive yet durable floor system that is applied as a liquid to prepared concrete. We create a seamless epoxy floor by combining hardeners and high-quality resins that react to form an ultra-hard plastic coating that is bonded to the concrete substrate. This creates a very strong, seamless and beautiful floor system that serves as a protective barrier for the concrete while resisting all types of damage. Epoxy is commonly used in high-demand commercial facilities like retail centers, medical facilities, and schools but it’s also a cost-effective and durable solution that can be used in a garage, home basement, or interior home flooring.

Decorative Epoxy Basement Floors

Epoxy isn’t just for commercial properties; an epoxy finish for a basement floor offers a cost-effective and durable option to update your basement. An epoxy basement floor can be as decorative as you like. Some people want a simple white or black epoxy basement floor while others want a show-stopping metallic epoxy floor with a pearlescent effect. We can do it all!
Epoxy Basement Floor Leesburg

Benefits of an Epoxy Basement Floor

Want to know why Leesburg homeowners are increasingly turning to epoxy flooring coating in the basement? Here are the biggest benefits with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring Leesburg

Brighten your basement

Brighten your basement by up to 300%. Basement epoxy is highly reflective to make the most of your lighting and make the basement feel brighter, bigger, and more comfortable.

Epoxy Basement Floor Leesburg VA

Practical flooring

Practical flooring solution for your basement. Basement epoxy costs less than carpet and tile yet it can outlast other floor systems without cosmetic and structural damage from water, chemicals, and pets.

Basement Epoxy Floor Coating


Cost-effective complete floor system. There are few floor systems that are as economical as a basement epoxy floor coating. It offers a low upfront cost, very little maintenance, and a long life.

Basement Epoxy Floor Coating Leesburg

Basement epoxy

Basement epoxy is extremely durable. There’s not much that can harm your epoxy floor when it’s properly installed. It’s completely seamless and won’t hide dirt or grime. It won’t develop mildew and unpleasant odors and it’s highly resistant to stains, scratches, and other damage.

Basement Epoxy Floor Coating VA

limitless design

There are limitless design options. Want a sleek, modern white basement floor? What about stripes or a checkerboard pattern? Do you want something truly unique like a smoky floor or a floor that resembles natural stone? Epoxy can do it all.

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Basement Waterproofing Specialists

Does your basement have moisture problems? There’s nothing worse than having a ton of space you can’t use for living or storage. Our Leesburg basement waterproofing contractors can help. We offer effective basement waterproofing service so you can reclaim your basement once and for all.
We use the GraniFlex system, a permanent, flexible, and attractive system with rubber-like characteristics that keeps water from seeping up through your concrete floor. GraniFlex is designed specifically for applications that require a high-performance floor or as a moisture controlling system. Unlike other products, GraniFlex actually expands and contracts with your concrete floor so it won’t get brittle or crack down the road. It can also deliver the look of quartz or granite flooring for a solution that isn’t just waterproof: it’s also attractive.
Basement Epoxy

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Not sure if epoxy floor is the right choice for your home or facility? Want to know more about the process of basement floor? Give us a call! Until we hear from you, these questions from customers may help address your concerns.

Q:Should I epoxy my basement floor?

A: There are few floor systems as perfectly adapted to a basement as an epoxy concrete floor. An epoxy floor coating in a basement uses the existing slab to create a long-lasting and durable surface that looks as great as it performs. Epoxy won’t be contaminated or destroyed by moisture issues or a basement flood. It can withstand dragging furniture, pet accidents and nails, spills, and more with excellent resistance to stains, abrasion, and impact. It also brightens your basement. This can reduce the need for additional lighting in your basement and give you just what you’re looking for: an inviting and clean living space, not a dank, dark subterranean room.

Q: Can I customize how the epoxy looks?

A: We get it: you don’t want your basement to look like an industrial warehouse. One of the biggest perks of basement epoxy is it’s highly customizable and can blend perfectly with your decor and style. We offer limitless ways to get the floor you’re looking for. An epoxy basement floor can be a single color, patterned, multicolored with flecks, or it can be truly unique with a one-of-a-kind metallic effect. From custom shapes and patterns to eye-catching metallic epoxy with a pearl, smoke, or marbled effect, we can do it all.

Q: Are there alternatives to epoxy for my basement?

A: Basements come with unique challenges when it comes to flooring. Hardwood flooring should almost never be used due to moisture issues like buckling. Carpet may perform well for awhile but moisture in the slab can cause a mildew aroma and all it takes is a single flood to destroy your carpeting. There are some good alternatives to epoxy flooring that you can consider for your basement. One option is stamped concrete, such as wood stamped concrete. Also known as a concrete wood floor, this option involves applying a concrete overlay over your concrete slab that is stamped and stained to look just like real wood flooring. Polished concrete can also be a great option for a basement because it’s hardworking and decorative.